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Our Printing

Our print partners use several methods to create our designs on various materials.

The inks that they use for most printing are water based and eco friendly.

Below are some short descriptions of the different printing methods.


DTG stands for Direct To Garment. The fabric is prepped for the ink. The ink is then applied to the fabric and the fabric is then heat treated to make sure the design is held fast onto the fabric.

We do advise that garments are washed inside out to preserve the print. This is especially important if photographs are used in the design (ask us about customisation)

T-Shirt Printing
Printing Fashion


Sublimation printing is slightly different. Our exclusive designs are printed onto special paper first. That image or pattern is then transferred on to the item, i.e. our exclusive trainers.

After that the ink it then heated until it disintegrates into the fabric,


All over print T's use sublimation and a cut and sew technique. As above the pattern or design is printed onto special paper the heat transferred to a sheet of material. The pattern is then cut and stitched to create the garment.

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